The Institute sources a number of interesting and relevant yoga books.
These books are available for purchase from Kim Frankel in Cape Town who handles the supply of books on behalf of the Central Committee of the Institute.
If you wish to purchase books, please contact Kim.
E-mail address:
Phone:  +27(0)21 789 2075
Mobile: +27(0)84 605 3610
or complete the online order form.
Books currently in stock are available below - prices exclude postage and packaging. As a service to members books are sold to them at cost.

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  Title   Member Price Non-member Price
Yoga Shastra Tome 3 Yoga Shastra Tome 3 R180.00 R210.00

Yoga Shastra Tome 4 Yoga Shastra Tome 4 R200.00 R230.00

Yoga for Sports Yoga for Sports R870.00 R950.00

Iyengar Yoga - Photobook, 40th Anniversary Iyengar Yoga - Photobook, 40th Anniversary R50.00 R50.00

Beloved Guruji Beloved Guruji R350.00 R380.00

Yoga Shastra Tome 5 Yoga Shastra Tome 5 R200.00 R230.00

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