"Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together."

 Johannesburg Event

Firooza will teach a 2-day General Level workshop, open to all Iyengar Yoga students with at least 6 months experience, and a further 3 days for teachers and established practitioners of Iyengar Yoga.
Unisa Conference Centre, 2 Vinton Road, Ormonde
(accommodation available at the venue on request)
16 & 17 Sept General Level Weekend Workshop
16 to 20 Sept Full Workshop
Attendance MUST be started at Day 1
HOW TO REGISTER Step 1: Please complete the Registration Form. Please obtain your teacher’s signature if applicable. The registration form can be obtained from Monica: monicatwee@absamail.co.za
Or you can download the form from:
Step 2: Deposit your fees into our bank account, stating your NAME & SURNAME. Send your proof of payment together with your Registration Form, to the Gauteng Registrar: Monica Tweehuysen E-mail: monicatwee@absamail.co.za Cell: 082 425 0858 Bank Account Details: Bank: Nedbank Rosebank Branch Code: 197-705 Account No: 1958484970 Name of Account: BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute of Southern Africa, Gauteng Region
Step 3: Once you have registered and paid your fees, we will send you an acknowledgement together with your registration number which you will be required to present upon arrival at the workshop. You will also receive further details relating to the schedule, directions etc.
Who can attend? All members and non-members with at least 6 months Iyengar yoga practice and with the approval of their certificated Iyengar yoga teacher. Course Fees: An early bird discount is given if you register and pay in full before, 31 July 2017. The discounted amounts are in brackets below.
1 DAY: Members: R900 (R800) Non-members: R1100 (R1000)
2 DAYS: Members: R1800 (R1600) Non-members: R2000 (R1800)
Who can attend? Teachers, student teachers and established practitioners, at their teacher’s discretion. Course Fees: An early bird discount is given if you register and pay in full before 31July 2017. The discounted amounts are in brackets below. 5 DAYS: Members: R4000 (R3500) Non-members: R5000 (R4500)
Where is the workshop?
Unisa Conference Centre, 2 Vinton Road, Ormonde We will send directions with your confirmation of registration. Maps will be provided. Schedule: Will be sent with your confirmation of registration. Arrival Time/Registration: 9:00 – 9:30 Meals: All meals will be basic vegetarian with some vegan options. Should you have any other dietary requirements, please contact Michele 082 891 2839 or Kerstin 079 276 0192.
Equipment Required:
1 mat, 3 blankets, 4 foams, 1 bolster, 2 blocks, 1 chair, bandage. Please bring your own equipment or borrow from your teacher.
Should you wish to stay at the venue please contact René directly at 011 495 4001.
Accommodation prices:
Single per person: Bed: R463.13 Bed and Breakfast: R634.23 Dinner, Bed and Breakfast: R839.92 Sharing per person: Bed: R394.25 Bed and Breakfast: R565.66 Dinner, Bed and Breakfast: R762.79
Please do not reply to this email with any queries. All enquiries / correspondence to be directed as follows:
Registration Forms / Fees / Financial matters: Monica monicatwee@absamail.co.za
Catering: Michele 082 891 2839 or Kerstin 079 276 0192
Accommodation at the venue: René 011 495 4001
General: Pravina Ranchod vinnyogini@gmail.com
Gauteng is looking forward to seeing you in September.

27 (0)83 300 8277
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